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Jack Dawkins

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The Entrepreneur's Source® is the world's largest and #1 franchise coaching organization dedicated to empowering potential entrepreneurs to achieve their personal and professional goals through self-employment. The Entrepreneur's Source® is recognized as the industry leader in franchise education, coaching and knowledge of opportunities through the country.

With over 30 years of experience, The Entrepreneurs Source® pioneered the franchise coaching industry. Since then, we have been coaching and empowering tens of thousands of individuals to break free from the employment cycle and empower them to achieve their dreams and become self-sufficient through business ownership.


Bio Information

Jack Dawkins joined The Entrepreneur's Source because of his desire to help people achieve their career dreams and because of the training and support he knew he could receive from this organization. He is a graduate of the E-Source Academy, an intense and rigorous training on coaching, franchising and self-employment options. He attends more than five hours of weekly training to hone his coaching skills so that he can better serve his Clients.

Jack has over 30 years’ experience in management and business development. Prior to joining The Entrepreneur's Source he was with a National Franchisor as Vice President Store Development. He is a Graduate of the Executive Program from Queens University.


This has been an absolutely amazing process to go through. Jack has been so wonderful at finding opportunities that fit our profile and has done a great job of guiding me through the process. Jack’s guidance has allowed us to do some soul searching and find the best opportunity for our situation. Thanks, Jack!!

~ J. Patterson, Texas

Working with Jack has been a pleasure. Jack really took the time to understand our needs, our wants and our fears; this was reflected in the franchise opportunities he presented to me. I had my doubts about this process, but no matter where in the process. Jack was there to offer guidance and advice. He identified with my difficulties and provided invaluable guidance and insight which helped me over each hurdle. The process was professional, insightful, educating and fun.

~ J. Gordon, Ontario

Jack earns a ten for response because he found me , quickley earned my trust and developed a good professional relationship. Jack scores high points with me for his professional attitude and demeanor; his reliable information; his patience; his well couched advice. I expect that Jack will remain a friend and advisor from now on.

~ D. Klisowsky, Ontario

Jack was very helpful and understanding of my needs. He acted very professionally and I was pleasantly surprised, because I was skeptical at first. I would not hesitate to use his services again in the future.

~ D. Warner, British Columbia

A thoroughly enjoyable experience, Jack listened to my motivations and my wives’ motivations and only presented opportunities that fit our profile. I especially appreciated the low pressure, consultative approach employed.

~ N. Dehal, Ontario

It was a very fulfilling experience working with Jack to guide me into a business venture that I am sure is the best fit for me. There is no doubt that it was your expert guidance that got me where I am.

~ Edgar Mutungi, Ontario

I had no idea that such a service existed and boy am I delighted and very thankful that Jack contacted me. I could not have done this alone, nor would I have found the franchise opportunity that I have purchased.

~ M Simard Alberta

Thanks for taking a few minutes to check out my services. I look forward to helping you find the options that are right for you.

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